Enter Pronunciator.


  • Over 164 languages (including American Sign Language) to learn! Learn as an English speaker, or as a native speaker in any of 136 other home languages!
  • Take specially-created ESL Courses in any of 143 home languages!
  • Generate PDF phrasebooks in almost any language combination!
  • Get a personalized course built according to your own goals!
  • Teachers can build their own courses for students!
  • Prepare for your Citizenship Test in English and Spanish with CitizenPro!

Learn a language or 164 with the Woodbridge Public Library and Pronunciator

The Woodbridge Public Library is pleased to offer the Pronunciator language-learning app for free to all library patrons. 

With 164 of the world's most popular languages (including American Sign Language), plus ESL courses taught in 143 home languages, Pronunciator focuses on creating personalized courses for each learner.

Simply select your personal interests or your occupation, then add your learning goals and other preferences, and within seconds Pronunciator will build a course just for you.

Each personalized course can last anywhere from a month to a year, depending on your available time and commitment level.

Appropriate for children as well as adults, Pronunciator is designed to meet the language-learning needs of the entire community. 

In addition, a citizenship preparation course helps new Americans prepare for the Naturalization Test.

Wondering exactly how to get it working?

Follow these steps to access Pronunciator

  1. Access Pronunciator through the Woodbridge Public Lirary website. 
  2. Use Instant Access for a one-time learning session, or register to create an account and log in to save your progress.
  3. Choose your current language and the language you want to learn.
  4. Become a polyglot!

What is a Personalized Course?

A Personalized Course is a series of lessons created specifically for you, taking into account the things you love (or your occupation), the learning goals you have, your skill level in the language, how much time you have available each day, how motivated you are, and how many months you want to study.

Can I print a PDF study guide that contains my Personalized Course?

Yes. You can print a detailed study guide for your Personalized Course. The option to download the PDF is available on the left side of every page of your Personalized Course. We even create customized audio lessons for your Personalized Courses!

Do you have audio lessons?

Yes, Pronunciator has 5.5 million hours (628 calendar years) of audio lessons available for streaming and download. You can find the audio lessons within the Main Course of each language.

Do you have PDF phrasebooks?

Pronunciator has over 21,920 phrasebooks available for download in PDF format. They can be read in any device that supports PDF.Each 32- to 64-page phrasebook contains 1,500 key phrases, displayed in two columns: On the left is your language; on the right is the foreign language.You can generate phrasebooks in any language combination you like. For example, a Spanish-French phrasebook; or a Korean-Japanese phrasebook; etc.

How do I access the Citizenship prep courses?

Use ProCitizen or ProCitizen (Español):