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  • Evaluate your entrepreneurial characteristics and motivations.
  • Test the viability of your business idea.
  • Determine when your business will cover costs and reach profitability.
  • Create plans that can be presented to potential investors and lenders.
  • Analyze your company's financial future by populating capital expenditures, debts and loans, sales, equity, and inventory to create advanced projections.

Get Support for All Aspects of the Business Development Life Cycle with Woodbridge Public Library & the Gale Business: Plan Builder

Plan for SuccessStarting and running a business is hard work, and the odds of success aren't always favorable. About half of all new businesses survive their first five years, and only a third make it to ten years or more, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our library is offering a new resource that can help minimize the risk entrepreneurs face when starting or growing a business. Gale Business: Plan Builder assists with everything from identifying a viable idea and determining when a business will be profitable, to developing a business plan and analyzing the financial future of an operation.

Gale Business: Plan Builder walks users through five areas of business planning, providing a framework to move through the entire business development life cycle.

Entrepreneur Profile

This step helps users explore what they can bring to the table as an entrepreneur and assess where they stand in preparing to start a business. A one-page summary of them as an entrepreneur is generated.

Business Ideation

Users can employ tools such as Lean Canvas, SWOT, a Pitch Deck, Porter's Five Forces, and more to plan the high-level framework in which their business will operate.

Break-Even Analysis

Delivers insight to determine when a user's business will be able to cover expenses and begin to realize a profit.

Business Plans

Creates a plan that can be presented to potential investors and lenders, including Executive Summary, Lean Business Plan, Full Business Plan, and Strategic Marketing Plan.

Financial Projections

A robust analysis of a company's financial future encompassing capital expenditures, sales, equity, taxes, inventory and more.

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  2. Follow the built-in "Getting Started" guide, or refer to one of the following tutorials or webinars.

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