Volunteer Policy

The Woodbridge Public Library believes that extensive professional training results in the high level of expertise required to meet the needs of the public it serves. All its professional librarians must possess a master's degree from an American Library Association-accredited graduate program. Library clerical staff undergo intensive training on the Library's computer systems, manual work routines, and Library board-approved policies and procedures.

The Library believes that volunteers are useful in providing supportive services for its permanent staff - supplementing the staff, not supplanting it. There are legal considerations that prevent volunteers from performing certain Library functions such as performing functions requiring professional credentials. Volunteers are expected to respect the function of the Library's employees and contribute fully to maintaining a smooth working relationship between volunteers and employees.

Volunteers work under the supervision of a department head or her/his designee. Department employees monitor volunteers' work to ensure it meets department standards.

All volunteers must complete a volunteer application form and submit it to the appropriate agency supervisor. The Library will contact applicants when a volunteer opportunity occurs.

The Library reserves the right to dismiss any volunteer for poor work performance, including poor attendance.


Approval Dates

  • Approved - Board of Library Trustees - May 21, 2015
  • Revised - Board of Library Trustees - February 21, 2019