Library Board Meeting Recording Guidelines

The Woodbridge Public Library permits visual and aural recording of library Board meetings, excluding Board closed sessions. The following guidelines should be followed to ensure recording is done in a manner that does not interfere with the Board's ability to conduct its meetings.

Library Board Open Sessions

  • Recording cannot be done in a way that interferes with the Board members' or the public's participation in the meeting.
  • Recording cannot be done in a way that interferes with the public's view of or ability to hear the meeting.
  • The Board president or person chairing the meeting will designate an area for the placement of recording devices so that recording takes place in a non-disruptive manner.
  • No recording device may be left unattended by a person recording a Board meeting.
  • The use of additional artificial lighting in the Board meeting room is not permitted.
  • A member of the public who is recording a Board meeting must provide his or her own power supply.
  • No recording made by a member of the public shall constitute an "official" recording of the Board meeting.
  • Still photography is permitted at a Board meeting in the same manner as other visual recording.

Library Board Closed Sessions

  • No form of public recording of a Board closed session is permitted.
  • All non-Board recording devices and the personal property of members of the public must be removed from the Board meeting room during a closed session.

A recording device may be brought back into the Board meeting room when the Board resumes meeting in open session; the guidelines for using the recording device in open session will apply.


Approval Dates

  • Approved - Board of Library Trustees - October 17, 2013
  • Revised - Board of Library Trustees - February 21, 2019