Classroom Library Card Application

A classroom library card is a special library card for teachers that lets you check out books for your classroom without having to put them on your personal library account. Please see the Teacher Loan Policy for details about what a teacher loan card permits.


Educators who serve residents of Woodbridge Township are eligible for classroom library cards. That includes Woodbridge Township School District teachers, local preschool and daycare teachers, and special school teachers.

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If you are eligible for a classroom library card, please fill out all information in the following form. Be sure to use your professional email address in the email field.

You can submit this application even if you already have a classroom library card. We will use it to update our records and renew your card if necessary.

Please note that information added in this site becomes your Woodbridge Public Library card application, and will be added to the Woodbridge Public Library database. Information submitted on this form is confidential and is protected by New Jersey State Law, NJ.S.A. 18A:73-43.2.

Classroom Library Card Application

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    This form is intended only to be submitted by educators in Woodbridge Township. For all other library card applicants, please see the general requirements of library membership. Thank you.

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    In accordance with the teacher loan policy, I accept responsibility for any books borrowed with this card from the Woodbridge Public Library System.

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