Woodbridge Public Library has agreed to participate in a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Libraries in Middlesex and Union Counties that will allow Woodbridge Township library card holders to borrow materials from partner libraries, and partner library cardholders to borrow materials.

Loan Purpose

The purpose of participation in MURAL is to expand township card holders' access to materials located in Middlesex and Union Counties.

Conditions of Service

Library cards from partner libraries will be entered in the Woodbridge Library catalog with one additional form of ID. Home libraries are contacted for an expiration date, and assurance that the card is in good standing. Some of the libraries have websites to check for patron status. If a patron library is not accessible, a period of 30 days will be extended to a MURAL patron as a courtesy with a two-item limit. The expiration date in a patron's home library becomes the expiration date in the Woodbridge Library catalog.

Materials borrowed are transacted in person. Materials returned are preferably transacted in person to credit accounts in the moment, but may be returned through LibraryLinkNJ in-state delivery service.

Interlibrary Borrowing

Interlibrary loan service is not an available service for patrons with MURAL privilege, but would be extended if a patron is eligible or submits payment for a non-resident card.

Materials / Services Reserved for Woodbridge Township Patrons

  • Best Sellers Club membership (upgrade to non-resident should be suggested)
  • Holds
  • Launchpads or tablet computers
  • Museum passes
  • Subscription Databases, i.e., Hoopla
  • Summer Reading books
  • Wi-Fi routers or other circulating, electronic services

Borrower Responsibilities

The borrower is responsible for:

  • Returning materials on time. Overdue items are fined at the same rate as items belonging to the library.
  • Paying for lost or damaged items. A signed library card is also an agreement with MURAL libraries.

Loan Period

Loan periods for MURAL patrons will match WPL patron loan periods.

Suspension of Borrower Privileges

Privilege of MURAL borrowers will be suspended for the same reasons that WPL cardholder privilege is suspended, i.e., $7.50 in fines or fees.

Approval Dates

  • Approved - Board of Library Trustees - February 16, 2017
  • Revised - Board of Library Trustees - February 21, 2019