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October 19, 2020

COVID-19 Information


This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Monday, October 19.
The Township had a very rough weekend in terms of new cases of Coronavirus in the general public with 49 - the break-down includes: 19 on Friday, 13 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday. The last time we had that many over three days was from May 2-4 which was the tail end of the height of the pandemic.

The monthly total for October of 178 is already higher than September’s 166 and June’s 160 with 12 days to go and way higher than July’s 116 and August’s 105 and at the current rate we might top the May total of 269.

There were no new cases in other facilities and we once again have no new deaths to report.

There are plenty of new cases in households with prior cases but despite that the recent numbers are very troubling and we are paralleling the County and State experiences which also show marked increases.

This verifies the need to be even more diligent in following the State guidelines of mask wearing, social distancing and limiting gatherings. Please keep checking on your neighbors.

As of now Trick-or-Treating is permitted but we ask that parents be very careful and only allow your children to visit homes that you are familiar with.
We also have a virtual home decorating contest and a virtual children’s costume contest with details on our Township and Recreation Department web sites. We are not having live pumpkin painting but you can pick up pumpkins and paint at the Woodbridge Community Center this week and play a free round of Haunted House miniature golf and then bring the pumpkin home to paint it and send in pictures. You must sign up at:

We are collecting photographs and videos and biographies of any World War II veteran alive or deceased who lived in Woodbridge then or now to include in our 2020 virtual Veteran’s Parade.

The Woodbridge Relay for Life is holding an event to honor those who have battled breast cancer on Wednesday at 5:00 PM in front of Town Hall.
The Township annually runs a Woodbridge Center Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle where Woodbridge organizations can sell the tickets and make money for your PTO, league, Scout group, church group or school. We did all the work getting the license and printing tickets and you just have to sell them. Contact Gerry or Loretta at the Mayor’s office at 732 602 6015.

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Thank you and stay safe.

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