We Feed Food Drive

Municipal Food Bank Committee

The Municipal Food Bank Committee was founded in September 1992. The group meets monthly at the Woodbridge Township Department of Health and Human Services and has community, church, governmental representatives, citizen members and volunteers.

In 1994 the committee formally adopted the name "We Feed."

Our purpose is to:
  • To make all community organizations who provide food to needy families and individuals, aware of each other and to allow for networking and organizational linkages.
  • Through the Department of Health and Human Services "We Feed" serves as a clearinghouse for various types of information to local church and synagogue-affiliated food pantries.
  • To encourage further outreach efforts in the community to needy and to provide those in need with assistance.
  • To conduct township-wide food drives periodically in order to replenish the food pantries at the local churches and synagogue.

Religious Groups

During the past several years the number of churches and synagogues providing food to needy families and individuals has expanded responding to the increase needs for the types of services. Currently 8 churches and 1 synagogue are represented on the Food Bank Committee.

If Interested in Sponsorship or In Need of Assistance

If you are interested in sponsoring a food drive or are of need of assistance please contact::
Peter Barcellona, Chairman of We Feed
2 George Frederick Plaza
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
732-855-0600, ext. 5034

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