Mayor John E. McCormac






Strengthen School Security... Upgrade Network Technology for Every Student

New Ross Street Elementary School...  Renovate WMS 


One of the most important investments we can make in our community is to make sure that every student – starting with full-day Kindergarten to 12th Grade graduation – receives the best education possible in a safe and secure state-of-the-art learning environment. 

The Woodbridge Township School District and Board of Education will present a proposal to establish district-wide, full-day Kindergarten, construct critical upgrades to antiquated schools, and enhance school security and network technology in a Special Election Referendum scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

The Referendum asks voters to approve the establishment of district-wide, full-day Kindergarten that will better prepare our Kindergarten-age students as they enter full-day classes.   The Referendum also provides for upgraded technology for computers, laptop and notebook devices for students in all grades, additional classrooms for art, music, SGI instructional space and science labs, much-needed security upgrades in all schools and, most importantly, the construction of a new Ross Street School #11 (the oldest elementary school in the district built in 1920) and much-needed renovation improvements to Woodbridge Middle School (the oldest school in the district built in 1910).

The Referendum proposal is part of the hugely successful partnership between the Board of Education and the Township Administration to address the needs of the school system for facility and infrastructure improvements.  The Referendum projects will be funded through new revenue from economic development (CPV Generating Station, PSE&G Sewaren7 power plant, new warehouse and distribution centers, and downtown redevelopment projects) without burdening taxpayers.  The Referendum proposal will generate NO tax increase with NO cost to residents.  Over the past four years, the Township Administration has partnered with the School District to fund more than $26 million in new community recreational facilities on school grounds that include new multi-use turf football, soccer, softball, baseball and cricket fields at our high schools and middle schools, the Theatre at Woodbridge Middle School, along with new playgrounds and recreational facilities at every elementary school – again, at NO increase cost to Township taxpayer and residents.  The bottom line is simple – the joint ventures between the School District and the Township Administration have successfully allowed for millions of dollars in improvements to school district facilities without any increased cost to taxpaying residents.

No matter the issue or event, the Township Administration, the Woodbridge Township School Board and District Administration, educators, teachers, professional staff, parents, students and residents have a long tradition of standing together to promote the well-being of our students.  Woodbridge Township students – at all grades and level of learning - stand tall when comparing their achievements to students throughout the state.  No district in the state can boast the number of advanced placement courses that Woodbridge offers.  And, it’s a fact that many of our students are accepted to the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout the nation because of the quality of their education.  In short, Woodbridge students, teachers, professional staff, and parents can be proud of their work and of their schools because the Township Administration and the School District have worked together to provide a robust education. 

Education is everyone’s business.  We are proud to be able to work together to make our schools “the best they can be” – by not only in appearance, but in the quality of education received by each and every student.

About the Mayor

Mayor John E. McCormac was elected Woodbridge Township Mayor in November, 2006. 

Since becoming Mayor of Woodbridge Township, Mayor McCormac has prioritized “Quality of Life” issues, including a state-wide recognized crackdown on illegal housing and property maintenance and initiated “visioning plans” geared to improve and revitalize downtown business districts.  Mayor McCormac has advanced initiatives important to the environment, the arts, health & wellness, the animal rights community, and historical advocates. Mayor McCormac led the effort to bring redevelopment to many areas of the Township and has worked with the Woodbridge Board of Education, the County of Middlesex, the State of New Jersey, and organized labor to implement more than 40 shared service or inter-local agreement programs which maximize public tax resources.  Mayor McCormac has also developed and implemented numerous projects to improve Township infrastructure, Open Space acquisition, educational opportunities, and other initiatives.

Mayor McCormac began his long and distinguished public career as the Financial Officer in the Finance Department, Woodbridge Township Municipal Government, in 1990.  In 1992, Mayor McCormac took the reins as the Township’s Chief Financial Officer, followed by appointment as Business Administrator in 2001.  As BA, Mayor McCormac was responsible for managing the day-to-day functions of town government and supervising over 800 employees, bringing stability to town finances, leading the drive that created the Woodbridge Community Center and Community Playground, and was instrumental in establishing the “Tooling Around the Township” Program.

In 2002, Mayor McCormac was appointed New Jersey State Treasurer with oversight of the state budget and management of twelve divisions and more than 3,500 employees in the State Treasurer’s Office.  As Treasurer, Mayor McCormac provided financial expertise to former Governor Jim McGreevey and Acting Governor Richard Codey while managing New Jersey’s multi-billion dollar annual budget.  Mayor McCormac served as the lead cabinet officer charged with briefing the state legislature, statewide constituent advocacy groups, and the media on New Jersey’s fiscal policies.

Mayor McCormac learned the importance of leadership and community service through family ethics and values and, as importantly, through ten years serving in the Boy Scouts of America, ultimately earning the prestigious standing of Eagle Scout.  After graduation from St. Cecelia’s grammar school in Iselin and St. Thomas Aquinas High School (class of 1976) Mayor McCormac went on to earn a BA in Accounting from Rutgers University and a Master’s Degree in Finance from St. John’s University.  As a Certified Public Accountant, Mayor McCormac began his financial services career working for a large international CPA firm representing Fortune 500 companies and municipal governments. In 1988, Mayor McCormac started his own Woodbridge Township-based CPA business which assisted hundreds of Woodbridge residents with tax questions and financial concerns.

Mayor McCormac is a life-long Woodbridge Township resident since his father, an Irish immigrant and steel plant foreman, and mother, the daughter of Irish immigrants, bought their first and only home in Menlo Park Terrace section of the Township.  An active member of the Woodbridge community, Mayor McCormac has been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1984 and was named Council Knight of the Year three times, as well as State Knight of the Year. Mayor McCormac is a charter member of the Woodbridge Recreation Council and was Grand Marshall of the 2006 Woodbridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 

Mayor McCormac met his wife Tammy, an accountant for Bristol Myers, while they were both students at Rutgers University.  Their daughter, Erin, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Accounting.