Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports


April through September


1-year terms which expire December 31, 2017
  • Jeff Zirpolo Chairman
  • Gregg Ficarra
  • Rob DeFillipis
  • Caroline Ehrlich
  • Jeff Marmelstein


  • Jeff Michel
  • Glenn Morgan
  • Joe Nisky
  • Joe Ward
  • Suarabh Amin
This council meets with regard to grants made within the community to organizations and individuals in matters related to Physical Fitness and Health. Some examples are:
  • Substance abuse counseling in Woodbridge Middle Schools.
  • AEDs/AARP and Police Department.
  • AED certifications.
  • Crimson Knights / travel expense.
  • Woodbridge Rotary / handicapped camp expense.
  • Woodbridge Buddy Ball.
  • Woodbridge Board of Education equipment.
  • Woodbridge Housing Authority / Senior Group Exercise instruction.

The Council's chief source of income is generated through a 5k and 10k race originating at Town Hall the Sunday of Labor Day each year for the past 11 years. It is a major undertaking and the council is always looking for active volunteers to help with race preparations as well as ad journal sales.