Court Procedures

  1. Appeal Instructions

    If you have had a trial and were found guilty, you have the right to appeal the Judge’s decision.

  2. Citizen Rights & Court Experience

    Find out exactly what your rights are and how your day will likely be scheduled in court.

  3. Mediation In Our Community

    Woodbridge Township participates in the Middlesex County Mediation Program.

  4. Offices

    Find the prosecutor's and public defender's offices.

  5. Obtaining An Exemplified Disposition

    An Exemplified Certificate of Disposition is a raised seal document that lists the results of a court proceeding.

  6. Probation, Service & Conditional Discharge

    You can be sentenced to perform community service or to serve a Probationary term on some offenses.

  7. Tasks

    Learn the general how-to's such as expunging court records, ordering transcripts, or requesting adjournments.