Safe & Sound Program

Program Purpose

The Safe and Sound Registry has been implemented to assist individuals who are unable to communicate and who lose the ability to recognize familiar places or faces. Individuals who are mentally challenged and those afflicted with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Autism will benefit greatly, along with their families and caregivers.

These are people who wander away from locations that are familiar to them and become scared, disoriented, and lost. This program has been developed to help those who are reported missing and to ease the stress on a caregiver. Too often we read in the newspaper that someone with an 'average' description gets lost and is unable to be located.

The Safe and Sound Registry benefits the family, police, and the victim. The Woodbridge Police realize that time is of the essence when locating a missing person who is unable to care for themselves. Families know that a plan has been put into effect to help locate their loved one.


It is the mission of the Woodbridge Police Department to expedite the return of your loved one one, which can reduce the stress on both the missing person as well as the caregiver. Safe and Sound gives officers on patrol access to vital information, including a digital photograph. This information can be displayed on a mobile laptop computer inside a police vehicle within minutes should a person be located or is reported missing.

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